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CleanCloud Makes People More Valuable

CleanAir helps collect, process, and analyze data in real-time with web-based applications. Our clients aggregate data and automate reporting with the help of our air quality consultants and software engineers. When mundane tasks and tedious to-dos are eliminated, environmental teams are less stressed and more productive.

Designed for Any Service and Data

CleanCloud can be configured for any application, because it wasn’t designed for a specific service or instrument. Data comes in many formats and CleanAir can help manage the flow and use of data for any application. CleanCloud applications are built with our clients, for our clients.

Automate stack testing compliance
Ambient AIr Monitoring Networks
Engineering projects and studies
Getting rid of outdated spreadsheets
Internet of Things (IoT) Applications
Managing stack test data
Report Generation Engine (ReGE)
Sharing data on public websites


CleanCloud Features

Interactive Dashboards
Custom UI Design
Scheduled Analysis and Reports
Works With All Data Types
Access-Based Roles and Permissions
Alarms, Emails and Text Alerts
Single Sign-On
We Can Build More!

Our Projects

MACT CC Reports with ReGE

A CleanAir refining client configured CleanAir’s Report Generation Engine (ReGE) to automate regulatory compliance reporting. Data from CEMS, process analyzers and instrumentation, technician reports were disorganized and difficult to access. Now, their people are free to tackle the issues that matter.

Remote Velocity Measurement

CleanAir developed a method for remote velocity measurement using the digital image correlation of images obtained with a high-speed infrared camera. The remote camera velocity was within 4% of the values obtained using Method 2 and within 1% of the 2F values demonstrating proof of concept of this technology and method. 

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Community Websites

CleanAir helps clients measure ambient air quality. We have ambient air monitors to measure PM, VOCs, BTEX, Ethylene Oxide and more. Get your data on a custom dashboard.

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Improve the efficiency of NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, and O2 compliance RATAs. You’ll get the software and hardware needed to automate field sampling and automated stack testing reports. ReGE instantly generates an instant test report as soon as plant CEMS data is uploaded.

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Autonomous Isokinetic Meter – AIM™

CleanAir will reduce your field labor and test report costs with the AIM™. All we need is for you to tell us about your reporting process and share the end formats of your reports. Our Internet of Things team will engineer an automated process that removes tedious labor from your stack testing jobs.

Don’t need automated reports? No problem.
Buy or rent AIM Hardware.