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Manage Flare Compliance in CleanCloud

CleanAir’s Digital Flare Application

CleanAir’s Digital Flare Application makes it simple and as efficient as possible to review the compliance status of the various flare parameters and to generate periodic reports with a minimum of labor. Integration of operating data into a tool that lets users get all information they need on flares at any time and drastically reduces the amount of labor required for routine flare reporting.

Automated Regulatory Reports

Monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual reports are generated with a button push. Reports will automatically identify non-compliant periods for flare parameters (NHVcz, flame presence, velocity, etc.), compressor availability, and flaring events with reasons. Emissions during flaring events will be tracked and summarized automatically.

Flare App - Generate Reports
Flare App - Formula Editor
Built-In Formula Editor

A built-in formula editor lets certain users add or edit calculations. All equations and constants used are user definable. As regulations or facility procedures change, calculations can be modified or added. This is a transparent system that lets users see how calculations are made at any time.

Digital Flare Management Plans

The Digital Flare Application dynamically tracks things such as flaring events, cumulative flare flows, and more. Integrating a flare management plan into application makes it more usable and accessible – creating a one stop shop for all flare-replated compliance issues. The database of flare connections can be downloaded in XLSX, CSV, and JSON formats.

Flare App - Management Plan
Flare App - Custom Charts
Custom Charts

The interactive chart lets any user plot key flare parameters over a range of time intervals and averaging intervals to get more detail.


Because the Digital Flare Application is a CleanCloud Application, all of the standard application features can be customized for flare projects.

Interactive Dashboards
Custom UI Design
Scheduled Analysis and Reports
Works With All Data Types
Access-Based Roles and Permissions
Alarms, Emails and Text Alerts
Single Sign-On
We Can Build More!

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