Oil, Gas & Refining

Oil and gas industry issues are among the highest profile topics globally. No matter what the economic conditions, the growing global demand for clean, affordable energy takes more than sound policy. It takes innovation, and it takes the ability to follow innovation with execution.

Our global leadership stems from decades of proven performance on numerous assignments worldwide. Our project work spans the impact of unconventional resources in the oil and gas industry and the wider geopolitical landscape, the drive to control costs, the increases interest of stakeholders and the resultant reputational effect are some of the major issues companies are facing.

Cost-effective, safe, on-time delivery is part of our execution track record. That’s the blend of capability we bring to the table. We understand the implications of the key issues across the oil and gas value chain and, depending on the client need, address them from a strategic and tactical level, using a blend of skills and experience from the range of services we provide.