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MET-44 Tour

Road Trip

CleanAir is bringing the MET-44 Ethylene Oxide (EtO or EO) Monitoring System on the road in multiple regions throughout the US.

Learn more about indoor/outdoor air monitoring, fenceline or fugitive monitoring, continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS), or even mobile monitoring.

Contact us to learn more about the MET-44 and schedule your stop on CleanAir’s Demo Tour.


CleanAir’s MET-44 Ethylene Oxide Monitoring System – Demo Preview


MET-44 Monitoring System

Core components of CleanAir’s MET-44 will be on display.  Our turnkey monitoring systems are customized to meet your needs whether you’re interested in indoor/outdoor air quality, fenceline or fugitives, CEMS, industrial hygiene monitoring, or mobile applications.


Data Visualization & Reporting

The MET-44 is configured to allow visualization of real-time data through data.cleanair.com without additional software or licensing to allow access to data from your laptop or phone while at the office or home.  The system is further customized to generate data summary reports of defensible data including QA/QC results and includes compliant reporting tools.


CleanAir’s MET-44 Support

We’re here to help. This includes training, support, and preventative maintenance as part of our MET-44 Support Program.

MET-44 Process Optimization

With real-time data available at your fingertips, the ultra-low detection limits (<250 ppt) of the Picarro G2910 EtO analyzer coupled with CleanAir’s 50+ years of unique monitoring experience produce an EtO system with unrivaled performance.  The MET-44 can be used in many ways – to optimize your process, monitor process efficiencies, conduct industrial hygiene monitoring, or focus on leak detection and repair (LDAR).  CleanAir will customize the MET-44 specific to your application to provide you with DEFENSIBLE data.


Interested? Let us know!

To learn more about CleanAir’s services for Ethylene Oxide Measurement visit our EtO page: https://www.cleanair.com/eto/