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We help our oil and gas clients with more than permit compliance testing and RATAs. By designing and implementing stack testing programs, we provide vital data to evaluate processes, solve air pollution issues, eliminate waste, and increases the efficiency of our client’s facilities. We specialize in process optimization as well as ‘challenging’ VOC and PM measurements.

FCCU Testing

Our clients use our stack testing services to preserve catalysts, increase the lifespans of fan blades, and other methods for reducing capital expenditures. We can measure emissions at third and fourth stage separators, carbon monoxide boilers, electro-static precipitators and selective catalytic reduction units to provide profile mapping along the entire FCCU process.

Pollution Control Equipment

Need to optimize an ESP, SCR, or incinerator? We can measure ammonia, NOx, particulate matter (filterable and condensable), carbon monoxide, and more so that you can be sure your air pollution control equipment is operating to the best of its abilities. Need measurements to verify a manufacturer’s guarantee? We can help with that too.

We Specialize in Measurements and Consulting