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MAK Mobile L Gas Conditioner

MAK Mobile L Gas Conditioner



MAK Mobile L Portable Sample Gas Conditioning System

  • Application: The compact powerful and and low maintenance sample gas conditioning system MAK Mobile is used for continuous extractive gas analysis at changing locations. It serves primarily for exact constant lowering of the sample gas dew point and thus for drying of the humid sample gas flow. In this way water vapor cross sensitivities and volumetric errors are minimized and damages of the sensible analyzer are avoided. Integrated filter, condensate pump and sample gas pump ensure residual dust and condensate removal as well as supply of the analyzer with sample gas.

  • Technology: The precise microprocessor controlled temperature regulation of the Peltier cooler within the MAK Mobile in combination with the innovative corrosion resistant PFA-coated heat exchangers achieves a low highly constant dew point. The hydrophobic corrosion resistant PFA-coating and the very short retention time of the sample gas in the heat exchanger ensure lowest possible gas dissolution ratios
  • Functions: All components of the MAK Mobile are integrated in an extremely robust transport case which can be operated in closed condition and therefore weather protected. The heated line is inserted lateral in the case and directly connected at the temperature resistant robust stainless steel connector and the 7-pole plug. At the integrated temperature controllers dew point temperature and temperature of the heated line can be adjusted quick and simple. Through the inspection window in the case lid temperature controller and up to three flow meters are readable at any time. With optional integrate components like flow meters, liquid alarm sensor and temperature controller for the heated line the portable sample gas conditioning system MAK10 Mobile can be equipped as needed.


  • Powerful Peltier cooler for max. 200Nl/hr or 350Nl/hr
  • Constant adjustable outlet dew point
  • Integrated condensate pump, sample gas pump and PTFE fine filter
  • Corrosion resistant heat exchanger with PFA-coating
  • Compact design, low weight
  • Extremely robust transport case
  • Fast operational readiness < 15 min.
  • Up to 3 flowmeter, a temperature controller and liquid alarm integrable as option
  • Tubing in PTFE and PVDF
  • Quick and simple maintenance
Part Number
 0715MML MAK L PSG Mobile Gas Conditioner 115v 60hz
 0715MML240 MAK L PSG Mobile Gas Conditioner 240v 50hz
 0715MMLFM Integrated flowmeters for MAK L PSG Mobile
 0715MMLWIA Integrated Water Intrusion Alarm with filter
 0715MMLTC Integrated Heated Sample Line temperature controller

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