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MET-Nomad MC Gas Conditioner

MET-Nomad MC Gas Conditioner


MET-80 Nomad MC

MET-Nomad MC™ Sample Conditioning Companion to the MET-Nomad

The MET-Nomad MC can be integrated with the MET-Nomad to complete a mercury backup monitoring system or serve as a stand-alone gas conditioning solution.  For more information on the MET-Nomad system click here.  Call to learn how CleanAir can serve your mercury testing and compliance needs.

Part Number
MET-Nomad MC Sample Gas Conditioner

MET-Nomad MC™ Highlights:

  • Portable Thermoelectric Chiller
    • Designed and built for frequent use in harsh environments
    • Display unit for Performance Feedback
    • Peristaltic Pumps
    • Out-of-Range Temperature Alarm
  • Integrated with the MET-Nomad

    • Same small footprint as the MET-Nomad
    • 22”x22.4”x11.3” – small footprint for tight test locations
  • Dual-Path PTFE Heat Exchanger
    • Dual-Path heat exchanger accommodates 3lpm per path
    • Condenser style heat exchanger for efficient cooling
  • *Optional HVAC System for extreme conditions

The MET™ Line of Products For ALL of your Mercury testing and monitoring needs

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