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Millenium Voyager FTIR Sample System

Millenium Voyager FTIR Sample System

The Millenium Voyager FTIR testing manifold is designed to simplify setup and testing for the end user. Our customized system includes 6 temperature controllers, 8 calibration gas ports, a heated sample pump and filter box with sample flowmeter, complete with a touchscreen display to control temperatures, calibration gas flows, and solenoid valves. Remote-Access enabled. Some inputs/outputs configurable upon request. Comes in a transportable (wheeled) CEMs cabinet.

Voyager Components

  • MKS 2030 FTIR (LN2 Detector)
  • Transportable Rack 120 VAC (On casters)
  • Voyager System
    • – Heated Sample Gas Distribution Manifold w/pump and filter
    • – Calibration Gas Manifold w/mass flow controller (Up to 8 gases input and 2 gases output)
    • – Heater Controller Manifold (Up to 6 heated components w/over temp cut off)
  • Touchscreen Laptop with MKS Software
  • 5L Extended-Release Dewar
  • Exhaust Drain
  • ESCDAS with cellular modem (optional) for remote data retrieval and calibrations
  • Ambient Air purge pump

Voyager Features

  • Heated MKS2030 FTIR for accurate, rapid multi-gas measurements
  • Measure challenging gases such as HCl, NH3, CH2O, NO2, SO2, H2O and many others
  • Easy to monitor component temps
  • Change gases running to the instrument
  • Remote control via computer w/cellular modem (optional)
  • Centralized power outlets for components
  • Fail-safe N2 purge, with temperature alarm or power disruptions
  • System can be configured to include a heated THC and/or O2 analyzer
  • Unit dimensions (inches) (including wheels): 23”(w) x 54”(h) x 34”(d)


CleanAir Engineering provides world-class service, support, and technical expertise alongside every instrument rental. All air monitoring equipment is inspected or calibrated before shipping from one of our four technical centers. Each rental includes additional accessories and components, providing added convenience and reliability to ensure the success of your project.