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Vaisala Digital Barometer

Vaisala Digital Barometer



Vaisala Digital Barometer with Display – Like New

vaisala-ptb330-2.jpgVaisala BAROCAP Digital Barometer PTB330 is a new-generation barometer, designed for a wide range of high-end atmospheric pressure measurement. The pressure measurement of PTB330 is based on the Vaisala silicon capacitive, absolute pressure sensor – the Vaisala BAROCAP sensor. It provides high measurement accuracy and excellent long-term stability  ***One used once with minor scuffs and the other is brand new.***
  • Highly Accurate: The PTB330 series is highly accurate. The Class A barometers for the most demanding applications are  fine-tuned and calibrated against a high-precision pressure calibrator. Class B barometers are adjusted and calibrated using electronic working standard. All PTB330 barometers come with a traceable factory calibration certificate.
  • Reliability through Redundancy: According to your choice, PTB330 can incorporate one, two, or three BAROCAP sensors. When two or three sensors are used, the barometer continuously compares the readings of the pressure sensors against one another and reports if they are within the set internal difference  criteria. This unique feature provides redundancy in pressure measurement. Users also get a stable and reliable pressure reading at all times as well as a pre-indication of when to service or recalibrate the barometer.
  • QNH and QFE: PTB330 can be set to compensate for QNH and QFE pressure used especially in aviation. The QNH represents the pressure reduced to sea level, based on the altitude and temperature of the observation site. The QFE represents the height-corrected pressure of small differences  in altitude, for example, the air pressure at the  airfield  elevation.
  • Graphical Display: PTB330 features a multilingual, graphical display allowing users to monitor measurement trends. PTB330 updates the graph automatically during measurement and it provides a one-year measurement history. In addition to instant pressure, PTB330 provides the WMO pressure trend and tendency codes.
  • Applications: PTB330 can be used successfully for aviation, professional meteorology, and for demanding industrial pressure measurement applications such as accurate laser interferometric measurement and exhaust gas analysis in engine test benches.

Vaisala Digital Barometer Measurement Performance:

  •  Barometric Pressure Range 500 … 1100: HPA Class A Class B Linearity  1) ±0.05 hPa ±0.10 hPa Hysteresis  1) ±0.03 hPa ±0.03 hPa Repeatability  1) ±0.03 hPa ±0.03 hPa Calibration uncertainty  2) ±0.07 hPa ±0.15 hPa Accuracy at +20 °C (+68 °F)  3) ±0.10 hPa ±0.20 hPa
  • Barometric Pressure Range 50 … 110: HPA Class B Linearity  1) ±0.20 hPa Hysteresis  1) ±0.08 hPa Repeatability  1) ±0.08 hPa Calibration uncertainty  2) ±0.15 hPa Accuracy at +20 °C  3) ±0.20 hPa
  • Temperature Dependence: 4) 500 … 1100 hPa ±0.1 hPa 50 … 1100 hPa ±0.3 hPa
  • Total Accuracy: −40 … +60 °C (−40 … +140 °F) Class A Class B 500 … 1100 hPa ±0.15 hPa ±0.25 hPa 50 … 1100 hPa ±0.45 hPa
  • Long-term Stability: 500 … 1100 hPa ±0.1 hPa/year 50 … 1100 hPa ±0.1 hPa/year
Part Number
Range: 50-1100mbar (1.5 to 32.5″ Hg); Accuracy: ±0.25 mbar (±0.007″ Hg) Used Once
Range: 50-1100mbar (1.5 to 32.5″ Hg); Accuracy: ±0.25 mbar (±0.007″ Hg) New

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