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Protocol Gases

Great Reasons To Rent Calibration Gas

  • Forgot to re-order gas in time
  • Analyzer range changed
  • It can ship overnight
  • Enormous selection available
Gas NameGas SymbolProtocol Balance N2Protocol Balance AirCertified Balance N2Certified Balance Air
Carbon MonoxideCOx x 
Nitrogen OxideNOxx x 
Sulfur DioxideSO2x x 
Propane C3H8xxxx
Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide O2/CO2x x 
Hydrogen SulfideH2Sx x 
Nitrogen DioxideNO2x x 
Hydrogen ChlorideHCl  x 
AmmoniaNH3  x 
Hexane C6H14  x 

Help Returning Gases

Shipping calibration gases can be tricky to say the least. Paperwork must be filled out exactly, or it won’t ship. The law requires the shipper to have training for shipping dangerous goods. Call us and we can refer you to a shipping company that may be able to help.