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CleanAir MET-80CL Info Sheet

CleanAir MET-80CL Info Sheet

All the features of the MET-80™ Monitoring Systems in a Compact Package

Available for Rent or Purchase

The new CleanAir MET-80 CL™ Monitoring System is the latest addition to the rugged MET™ line of products designed to meet all of your mercury monitoring needs.

The MET-80 CL™ boasts all of the software features of the original MET-80, plus a host of new performance enhancements. It’s built on the same robust sampling platform that’s setting a new standard for reliability and simplicity. The MET-80™ CL is perfect as a backup mercury monitoring system retrofit, or as a replacement for your existing Hg CEMS or sorbent trap systems.

Its compact design makes it easy to install, and operable even in extreme ambient temperatures. This system’s new features also include automated calibrations, customizable alarm and operational settings, and an accessible alarm history. Call your CleanAir Engineering representative today to find out more about the new MET-80 CL™ and other MET™ products for all your Mercury monitoring and testing needs.


• Custom Compact Insulated Fiberglass Enclosure (24x16x8)
• Intuitive Software
• SFSR Ratio Management through Flow Mapping
• Bar Code Scanner for Trap ID Input
• Tool-Free Trap Exchange