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Long Term CEMS Maintenance Program At A Municipal Waste Incinerator

Long Term CEMS Maintenance Program At A Municipal Waste Incinerator

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The plant manager at a municipal waste incinerator contacted CleanAir about several issues his facility was struggling with, including up-time of the plant’s FID systems. The initial client need was instrument repair. CleanAir offered to visit the site to help determine which part of the system was the root problem.

CleanAir’s Approach

Upon arrival at the site, our technicians found a multitude of problems with both the sample system as well as the FIDs themselves. They were able to quickly identify that the FIDs had not been serviced for several years (if ever), and all of the FIDs needed a detector rebuild. It was also clear that their sample delivery system had cold spots and long-term residue caked within the heated sample lines.

The short-term solution was to repair the semi-functioning FIDs and have a spare, fully-functioning FID on their shelf ready to be installed as soon as their calibration became non-linear. We also tracked down and repaired the cold spots and gave the sample delivery systems a thorough decon.


Once the systems were up and running and had sustained, consistent calibrations (achieved by setting up a remote data acquisition system), CleanAir developed a monthly maintenance plan and transitional upgrade plan to transition the plant out of their antiquated system and into a newer and more robust system.


Long-Term CEMS Maintenance Program at a Municipal Waste Incinerator