Advocacy / Negotiation / Research

As much as we all hope our path to regulatory compliance is smooth, bumps in the road are inevitable. A regulatory agency may propose a rule that has unintended negative consequences for your plant or your industry. You may need data, facts, and figures to support a position you have taken with an agency. Perhaps you think an alternative compliance approach is needed in your case. And in all these cases… lawyers may be involved.

CleanAir assists many of our clients with situations such as these. Our services include preparation of responses to new rules or other regulatory actions, preparing comments for agency submittal, preparing technical white papers in support of industry positions, or developing alternative approaches to compliance in the form of an Alternative Means of Emission Limitation (AMEL) petition or other similar approaches.

Our Consulting Team that provides these services includes environmental professionals with 40+ years experience, PhD-level scientists and statisticians, engineers, and others who have been working in the industry for many years and have seen it all.

Much of our work involves litigation support in the areas of stationary source emissions, compliance test method evaluation, compliance test validity, flaring, thermal performance, and other areas. In this capacity, CleanAir can provide a technical review of documents, develop technical arguments and strategies, and deliver expert witness testimony. We may work directly for a law firm as a technical expert or through the company itself.

Research is one of our specialties. CleanAir personnel can design, conduct, and analyze research projects ranging from a straightforward review of literature and written analyses to full experimental studies.