Drone-Based Data Collection

CleanAir uses an open-path Active FTIR (AFTIR) system with a UAV to measure speciated concentrations of gas plume components from stacks, flares, and other difficult to access locations. The AFTIR uses an optical telescope to transmit an infrared (IR) beam through the gas plume. The IR beam is reflected back to the analyzer by a retroreflector array suspended from the UAV where the absorption of the IR radiation is used determine the composition of the gas in the measurement region.

AFTIR measurements are commonly used for fence line studies and other measurements taken at fixed locations. Using a UAV allows CleanAir to measure plumes at a variety of location types, eliminates the need for expensive scaffolding and does not expose workers to unnecessary hazards. This technique may be combined with remote flow measurement techniques to determine mass emission rates.

CleanAir’s extensive rental inventory of IR and visible cameras  can be mounted on a UAV for activities such as leak detection and equipment inspection.