Performance Guarantee Testing

Performance tests on air pollution control (APC) systems can determine if the units are operating at peak performance, demonstrate contractual guarantees of newly installed equipment, evaluate if emissions are in compliance with an operating permit, establish an operating envelope for the equipment, or optimize existing equipment to maintain peak performance. Testing and analytical methods include ASME, EPA, ANSI, ISO, and ASTM.

CleanAir tests virtually all APC systems used to control emissions. Performance test parameters we typically measure include:

  • Pollutant removal efficiency
  • Opacity
  • Outlet emission concentration
  • Electric power consumption
  • System pressure drop
  • Makeup water requirements
  • Reagent consumption
  • Gypsum Purity
  • Mist eliminator carryover
  • Slurry characteristics (e.g., pH, density, solids, alkalinity, chemical composition)