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Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Our clients want to measure VOCs at the sub parts per million (ppm) level much more frequently. While VOC testing has been a part of stack testing for a long time, low level measurements present new challenges. Lowering your ambient VOC concentrations can start by taking process measurements. By taking the time to understand your objectives, we can identify appropriate sampling and analytical techniques to you get the data you need. CleanAir can work with you to help you achieve maximum efficiency from control devices such as RTOs and wet or dry bed scrubbers.



FTIR is one of the primary tools that CleanAir uses for speciating and quantifying low level VOCs. Proper FTIR sampling and spectral analysis can quantify a wide range of organic compounds. Additionally, we deploy technology (both hardware and software) advancements that allow us to make parts per billion (PPB) measurements for compounds such as ethylene oxide (EtO) and formaldehyde.


We customize our GC analyzers to measure a wide range of VOC compounds at various concentrations. This allows us to pre-screen and get reliable concentration measurements for numerous organic compounds. We typically use GCs to measure the hydrocarbon content of fuel and flare gas lines, as well as other process streams for our oil and gas clients.

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