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Emergency Response Monitoring

When disaster strikes CleanAir is there for you providing rapid emergency response monitoring services for hazardous air pollutants (HAP). These include benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene and xylene (BTEX). Target compounds can be measured through the application of a variety of real-time monitoring approaches, such as Photoionization Detectors (PID), open-path monitoring systems (UV DOAS) as well as portable gas chromatographs (GC) and mass spectrometers (MS).

Deployment of Real-Time Measurement Systems

Selecting the appropriate method of emergency air quality monitoring requires knowledge of the potentially emitted hazardous pollutants, as well as available monitoring equipment and deployment capabilities. In many cases, specific compounds are not known at the time of the deployment. Screening methods must be utilized that are able to detect a larger variety of compounds at lower levels, but may not be able to identify each compound individually.

The final instrument choice depends on several factors, such as the need for sufficient sensitivity to a broad set of target pollutants, the need for rapid deployment under the constraint of limited site and vehicular access, and available power. Additionally, under most circumstances, instruments are required to be left at the site to continuously assess the impact of response efforts on the air quality.

During deployment, real-time monitoring systems are continuously quality assured to ensure the generation of defensible data. This level of commitment is crucial for confident risk assessment and decision making that can impact the safety of emergency personnel on site and the potential exposure of local residents to hazardous pollutants.

Real-time measurements most often are complemented with time-integrated sampling approaches, such as whole-air (SUMMA) canisters or sorbent traps. CleanAir partners with national laboratories to ensure the timely availability of sampling media and expedited analysis. Our goal is to provide results quickly to decision makers on the scene. Here is a brief list of some of our rapid response services, as well as some optional planning services:

Rapid Response Services

24/7 Deployment with On-site Support
Cloud-based Data Access in Real-Time with Alerting Options
Real-Time Measurements Complemented by Time-Integrated Sampling for:
- BTEX - H2S - HAP - PM1/2.5/10 & TSP - Meteorological Data
Rapid Measurement Results
Quality Assured Defensible Data

Optional Planning Services

Rapid Monitoring Response Planning
Readiness Program for Guaranteed 12 or 24-hr Response
Cloud-Based Real-Time Dispersion Modeling and Instant Source Identification

Emergency Action Plans

The primary goal of any emergency response is to minimize the initial response time.
Most large facilities and many public agencies already have Emergency Action Plans (EAP) in place to respond to spills, fires and other emergencies. Part of these EAPs involve a public agency notification, but they should also include a rapid air monitoring response. Agencies and operations without an EAP should consider a stand-alone rapid air monitoring plan. In the event of an emergency they would know who to call first, and they would be able to prepare with practice drills. CleanAir can help with developing and executing a rapid emergency monitoring response.

CleanAir’s responses are 24/7 and typically within 24 hours of an emergency event. For guaranteed 12 or 24-hour deployment, CleanAir offers a Guaranteed Readiness Program. As part of this program, CleanAir will maintain a dedicated inventory of continuously quality-assured real-time monitoring instrumentation and time-integrated sampling media needed to support your emergency response. CleanAir can also assist in the development of a Emergency Monitoring Response Plan to be prepared for any emergency event. It’s important to have a plan before you need it.

For Rapid Response Monitoring, email rapidresponse@cleanair.com or call our 24/7 rapid response hotline at 412-857-2201. For more general information about other CleanAir services contact a CleanAir specialist today.

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