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The CleanAir Way

  • 50 Years of Business Since 1972, CleanAir has had a passion for providing accurate and repeatable data when it has to be precise.
  • Safety – Safety is our top priority here at CleanAir. Not only do our safety measures keep our employees safe, but it also allows our customers to trust in us worry-free and without incident.
  • Innovative – At CleanAir, our teams are constantly coming up with new and improved ways to provide accurate and cost-effective measuring solutions.
  • Industry Leading – Our lab is one of the best in the industry with several accreditations including NELAP and LELAP certified. As a whole, we provide the most accurate data measurements.
  • Digital Services – Many of our services offer digital reporting and communication. With products such as Auto-CEMS, you can receive your reports on-the-go. Our new Digital Engineers also allow you to conduct your own tests, while our engineers guide you remotely.
  • Trained Professionals – All CleanAir engineers undergo rigorous training to ensure that every job is done to CleanAir standards.


"Working with CleanAir has been a pleasure to say the least. Their ability to respond to questions, needs, and requests in a timely manner makes my job so much better! Test plans, reports, and all aspects of our stack testing needs is met in plenty of time. Their knowledge of the programs and testing protocols is extremely valuable, along with their ability to communicate effectively throughout the entire process. The level of customer service with CleanAir is really hard to beat!"

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Recent News and Updates

There’re always new things happening in the industry and with CleanAir, find the most recent news below.

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