We have a wide range of rental equipment for you to choose from. Our sensors and instruments are networked using LoRa technology so that you can access your data from your CleanCloud account 24/7.


Equipment That Is Customized & Packaged to Your Needs

– Over $14 MM in inventory

– Unmatched Quality – Every analyzer is inspected and recalibrated after each rental

– We inventory top of the field manufacturers

– Custom systems made per project specification

Automated EPA Reference Method Sampling

– Automate your EPA Reference Method Sampling through Auto-CEMS

– Fully-automated stack testing Temporary CEMS

– Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems (PEMS)

– Long-term Ambient Monitoring Systems

Full Support and Training

– Full inspection and calibration on all equipment

– Training in-house, in the field or at a third location

– Expert support and troubleshooting

– Data interpretation — if needed

– Emergency response monitoring

When you rent through CleanAir, we guarantee you will experience top-of-the-line
customer service and support.

  • All equipment is thoroughly inspected and calibrated.
  • Don’t know how to use the equipment you want? Don’t worry, we’ll train you!
  • Our CleanAir experts are ready to assist with troubleshooting whenever you need.
  • Aren’t sure how to interpret the data you collected? We’ll do it for you.