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Continuous Gas Measurement with Low Detection Limits

Characterize Stack Emissions
Optimize Pollution Control Equipment
Improve Process And Product Quality

FTIR, or Fourier-Transform Inferred Spectroscopy, is used for a broad range of measurements because it can simultaneously measure many compounds at low detection limits. It is a fantastic analyzer for measuring ammonia, organics, sulfur compounds, NOx, and much more. We design and execute both short and long-term measurement projects for our clients.

Fully-Integrated Temporary Systems

Get a complete, palletized FTIR system set up at your facility. Our fully-integrated, temporary systems come with all the hardware and software you need to conduct automated EPA reference method sampling (i.e. EPA Method 320). When integrated with CleanCloud, CleanAir FTIR experts can monitor and control our FTIR systems remotely. If any issues arise with your system, we receive email and text alerts to accelerate the troubleshooting process. You will be able to view your data from your phone, tablet, or computer at anytime. If you want a customized, periodic measurement reports or data summaries, we can provide those too. This is the perfect option for long-term measurement projects, but these systems are also used for short-term measurement studies as well.

Onsite Measurement Services

Our field engineers and technicians will insert probes into stacks or other sampling points, run sampling lines, initiate calibrations, and give our FTIR systems a full start-up check. We also help with other manual procedures such as traverses.