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Power Plant Performance Testing

Why would I talk to a company named “CleanAir” for a Thermal Performance Test?

This is a common question, and it’s a good one! At CleanAir, we’re dedicated to getting you the data you need, and our thermal performance testing and consulting services are part of that. Need to prove your new capital equipment meets the current standard? Look no further. We test many types of power plant systems and equipment. Our clients include power plant owners, OEMs, and EPC firms

We provide accurate, unbiased and credible test results using relevant ASME PTC test codes. Being active on many of the ASME code-writing committees, keeps us on top of industry changes. This gives us an expert advantage with evaluating thermal performance and capacity. We can test almost all types of power plant equipment.

Combustion Turbines
Steam Turbines
Cooling Towers
Heat Exchangers
Fossil Fired Boilers
Heat Recovery Steam
Generators (HRSG)

Contractual Acceptance Tests

Commissioning a new power plant or new equipment? Chances are high that your contract mentions thermal performance testing. Luckily, our thermal performance testing is accurate and unbiased. We can help determine whether your new equipment meets contractual requirements. And, if the results turn up short, we can help you identify the root cause of the performance inefficiency. We are recognized around the world for our expertise in evaluation. This includes combustion turbines, cooling towers, steam turbines, utility boilers and more.


In order to provide accurate performance testing for our clients, we have to have the right tools. This is why we keep an inventory of highly accurate precision instruments. These instruments have been specifically designed for rigorous testing in the field. We also provide NIST traceable calibration services for equipment. That includes equipment that we have built, as well as equipment provided by others. Through our store, you can also rent or buy the same equipment that our engineers use for testing.