Why would I talk to a company named “CleanAir” for a Thermal Performance Test?

We get asked this question frequently, and it’s a good one! We help power plants, equipment vendors and EPC firms demonstrate that the performance of new capital equipment meets contractual obligations. We take great pride in getting exceptional data in challenging environments.
If you need to verify the performance of a new power plant, new equipment or newly modified equipment at an existing plant, CleanAir can provide accurate, unbiased and defensible tests based on the applicable ASME PTC test codes. We are active on many of the ASME code-writing committees which keeps us on top of industry changes. Our expertise includes the evaluation of overall thermal performance and capacity for virtually all types of power plant equipment.

  • Combustion TurbinesCombustion Turbines
  • Steam TurbinesSteam Turbines
  • Condensers iconCondensers
  • Cooling TowersCooling Towers
  • Heat ExchangersHeat Exchangers
  • Pumps iconPumps
  • Fossil FiredFossil Fired Boilers
  • Heat RecoveryHeat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)

Evaluate the thermal performance of your power plant equipment

Contractual Acceptance Tests

If you are commissioning a new power plant or new equipment, there is a good chance that thermal performance testing is specified in the contract. Unbiased thermal performance testing can accurately determine whether new equipment is meeting contractual requirements, and in the case of performance shortfalls, help identify the root causes of performance inefficiencies. Our expertise in the evaluation of combustion turbines, steam turbines, heat rejection equipment, industrial and utility boilers, cooling towers and more is internationally recognized.


Our clients depend on accurate performance testing, so CleanAir maintains an inventory of highly accurate precision instrumentation specifically designed for rigorous testing in field settings. We also provide NIST traceable calibration services for equipment that we have built, as well as equipment provided by others. The same equipment that our engineers use for thermal performance testing is available as a rental or for purchase. Our most commonly requested items include instrumentation for measurement of water flow rate, air flow rate, temperature, pressure, differential pressure, wind speed and humidity.