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Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) | CleanAir Engineering

How will CleanCEMS change your approach to CEMS?

Safe AND Efficient Compliance Testing

When low-cost service providers conduct “simple” compliance RATAs, safety and efficiency are often at odds. You don’t like that and neither do we. That’s why we created CleanCEMS. The system is easy to install and can be controlled outside of process units. Use CleanCEMS to increase your stack testing efficiency and reduce the time stack testing contractors are in process areas.

Predictive Emission Modeling Systems

Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics aren’t just buzzwords to us. Our state of the art AWS framework can be used by our data scientists to build powerful predictive models that reduce your need for CEMS altogether. CleanCEMS makes building PEMS models easier than ever.

Don’t Risk Downtime

It’s talked about every quarter, but don’t worry anymore. CleanCEMS is a fully functioning backup CEMS system that was designed by the same team that made the MET-80 the most reliable product on the market. We offer competitive long term leases to ease your downtime worries.

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