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Automated EPA Reference Method Sampling with Auto-CEMS

Our fully-integrated Auto-CEMS units conduct automated EPA reference method sampling of gaseous pollutants. Each unit also already contains all hardware and software necessary. When integrated with CleanCloud, you can watch and control your unit from your phone, tablet, or computer. We customize each unit with a bank of analyzers to meet the specific needs of our clients. It can operate in either Reference Method Mode (for example Method 7E for NOx or 6C for SO2) or in RATA mode. After the system gets deployed, software begins to control your measurements. This removes the need for any human intervention. If issues arise, we receive email and text alerts to speed up the troubleshooting process.

Auto-CEMS is hardware agnostic and operates with a variety of analyzers. The system includes an instrument controller, a dedicated laptop for remote diagnostic testing, a temperature-controlled enclosure requiring 480 VAC power, various gas analyzers, all required calibration gases, a 7-channel calibration gas selector module with flow control, a gas distribution module for controlling flow to each analyzer in parallel, a cellular or satellite modem for internet connection, heated sample lines with sampling probes and filters (with temperature controllers), a gas conditioner, and a pump.

The system is on a pallet, weatherproof and climate controlled. If need be, you can also operate it from a trailer or forklift it into place as a standalone system.

Fully Automated Stack Tests

The temporary CEMS unit increases stack testing efficiency and reduces the time contractors need to be in the process area.

Once the system is set up, our software will auto-conduct your RATA tests. During the RATA test, you’ll be able to observe the system while remote. At the conclusion of your RATA, a summary report gets uploaded to your CleanCloud account.

The Auto-CEMS System can conduct Relative Accuracy (RATA) testing or Reference Method testing.


Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATAs)

When in RATA mode, the Auto-CEMS unit complies with the requirements of the relevant reference method. It also complies with the relevant EPA Performance Specification. All required bias checks and calibrations get carried out under software control. If any QA check is problematic, CleanAir will receive text/email notifications. If plant data is available during a RATA, run-by-run results are available in real-time. Otherwise, you can upload the plant data when it becomes available. Define your own number of RATA runs and Auto-CEMS will select the best combination. As soon as the plant CEMS data is available, ReGE generates the RATA report.

Reference Method Testing (NOx, SO2, THC, etc.)

For emission limit compliance testing, the Auto-CEMS gets operated in Reference Method mode. All Reference Method requirements have been pre-programmed into the software for your convenience. You also have the option to define your own Run lengths. At the conclusion of testing, Auto-CEMS will create an automatic summary report.


Temporary CEMS Rental

Note: Our CEMS units conduct automated EPA reference method sampling. They DO NOT need a RATA to be a plant CEMS backup.

Avoid costly downtime with a standalone backup CEMS unit. The CleanCloud CEMS DAHS module provides a secure, cloud-based CEMS data platform. When using the CEMS DAHS module, you can view real-time CEMS data, CEMS summary reports and trends. You also have the ability to view this data regardless of your location.

CEMS DATA: Real-time data, emission trends, and averages are available from CleanCloud. Use CleanCloud to combine data from many units across the plant. You can then use a variety of built-in tools to view data or export it to MS Excel for a more detailed analysis.

Maintenance: Check your analyzer and system operating parameters while remote. When issues arise, you can configure to have text/email alerts sent out. These alerts can go out to your technicians and the CleanAir support team when issues arise. We can then assess the problem and work with the technicians for a quick fix and to cut CEMS downtime.

Reporting: Configure automatic downtime flagging and Part 60/75 reporting.


Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems (PEMS)

Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems (PEMS) are models that predict air pollution emissions. They use process measurements and other variables as inputs. PEMS models are a way to show compliance with emission limits under 40 CFR 60, 61, or 63. CleanAir designs PEMS models that follow EPA Performance Specification 16 (PS 16).


To build a PEMS model that meets PS 16, you need to collect data that encompass a defined operating envelope. A broad operating envelope can make building PEMS models cost-prohibitive. CleanAir’s Auto-CEMS systems are perfect for collecting PEMS data in these situations. Our Auto-CEMS systems perform continuous automated EPA reference method testing. Meaning, we can collect data 24/7 without onsite personnel. This is a cost-effective way to get a good PEMS dataset.

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