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Need to measure mercury emissions? CleanAir’s MET-80 is your most reliable option.

MET-80 Mercury Monitoring Systems

Reliable -Best Uptime in the industry
Robust – Functions in any weather
Efficient – Easy to use with low operating costs

Are you required to continuously measure mercury concentrations at your stack to meet EPA regulations? When selecting a monitoring system for mercury emissions, you need to consider both reliability and data quality. We know this because we have been measuring stack emissions for decades. We used our experience to design a mercury sorbent trap system that has better uptime than any competing product without compromising data quality. It’s the perfect option for new permanent installations, temporary monitoring projects, or the replacement of your underperforming mercury stack gas monitor.

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MET – 80 CL

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MET – 80 CLS

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Monitoring or Sampling Purpose

MATS Compliance
Portland Cement NESHAP Compliance
EPA Method 30B
LEE Performance Testing
Hg Speciation Testing
Specialized Sorbent Trap Testing (e.g. HCl)

Hardware Features

Dual Sorbent Traps
Mass Flow Meter TechnologyIntegration
Custom Insulated Enclosure
Portable System
Dual Scrubber Assembly
Calibration Audit Integration