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Calibration Gas Rental

We offer a wide variety of calibration and protocol gas rental products for environmental and process testing and measurement. Most instruments must be checked and verified for accuracy at regular intervals with concentration gases. Please reference the table below for details on our in-stock calibration gases.

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Available Calibration Gases

Name Symbol Protocol Balance N2 Protocol Balance Air Certified Balance N2 Certified Balance Air
Carbon Monoxide CO x   x  
Nitrogen Oxide NOx x   x  
Sulfur Dioxide SO2 x   x  
Propane C3H8 x x x x
Methane CH4 x x x x
Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide O2/CO2 x   x  
Hydrogen Sulfide H2S x   x  
Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 x   x  
Hydrogen Chloride HCl     x  
Ammonia NH3     x  
Hexane C6H14     x  

Other available gases include: zero air, zero hydrogen, zero nitrogen, zero argon, and FID fuel (60% H2 / 40% He).

Benefits of Renting

  • Quick turn-around and overnight shipping
  • Analyzer parameter/range changes
  • Large selection available
  • Get help with shipping: 1-800-553-5511.