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Calibration Gas Rental

We offer a wide variety of protocol gas rental products to meet your testing equipment needs. Please reference the table below for details on our in-stock calibration gases. Complete our contact form to receive a quote or call to speak to a representative and place your order today!

Available Protocol Gases

NameSymbolProtocol Balance N2Protocol Balance AirCertified Balance N2Certified Balance Air
Carbon MonoxideCOx x 
Nitrogen OxideNOxx x 
Sulfur DioxideSO2x x 
Propane C3H8xxxx
Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide O2/CO2x x 
Hydrogen SulfideH2Sx x 
Nitrogen DioxideNO2x x 
Hydrogen ChlorideHCl  x 
AmmoniaNH3  x 
Hexane C6H14  x 

Other available gases include: zero air, zero hydrogen, zero nitrogen, zero argon, and FID fuel (60% H2 / 40% He).

Benefits of Renting

  • Quick turn-around and overnight shipping
  • Analyzer parameter/range changes
  • Large selection available
  • Get help with shipping: 1-800-553-5511.