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Gas Safety Data Sheets


Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are used by chemical manufacturers and importers to convey both the physical hazards (pH, flashpoint, flammability, etc.) and also the health hazards (carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, etc.) of their chemicals to end users.

SDSs are a critical component of the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard. This standard (29 CFR 1910.1200(g)) mandates that workers have a right to know what hazards are associated with the chemicals they use in the workplace. Both manufacturers of chemicals and employers with chemicals in their workplace must comply with this regulation.

Sort Description Gas
A Acetaldehyde/Nitrogen/Sulfur Hexafluoride
Ammonia in N2-0.00001 0.9999% Ammonia
Ammonia- 0.1ppm-1.%, SF6- 0.1ppm-1% in N2 Ammonia
B Butane- 0.1ppm-3.6% in N2
C Carbonyl Sulfide (COS) 50ppm-Carbon Disulfide, 50ppm Hydrogen Sulfide 50ppm-Balance Nitrogen Carbonyl Sulfide
Carbonyl Sulfide (COS) (200PPM)-Carbon Disulfide (200PPM)-Hydrogen Sulfide (500PPM)-Balance Nitrogen Carbonyl Sulfide
CO in N2-0.5-25ppm Carbon Monoxide
CO in N2-0.0026-14.9% Carbon Monoxide
CO in N2-15.3%-75.1% Carbon Monoxide
CO2 in Air-0.0001-2.99% Carbon Dioxide
CO2 in N2-1-5000ppm Carbon Dioxide
CO2 in N2-0.51-90% Carbon Dioxide
CO2 in N2-99+% Carbon Dioxide
E Ethane/Methane/Propane in Air-0.1ppm-0.5% each  
Ethane/Methane/Propane in N2-0.1ppm-0.5% each
Ethanol in N2-0.0001-0.0999%
Ethylene in N2-0.001-6%
Ethylene in N2-6.001%-50%
Ethylene 0.0001 – 0.9999% / Nitrogen 98 – 100% / Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) 0.0001 – 1%
Ethylene Oxide 0.0001 – 0.0999%, O2 19.5 – 23.5%, N 76.4 – 80.5% Ethylene Oxide
Ethylene Oxide 0.0001-0.0999%, Ethane 0.0001-1%, N 98.9-100% Ethylene Oxide
  5.16%-99.99% Hydrogen in Helium FID Fuel
Hydrogen 5.51-99.9999% / Nitrogen 1ppm-94.49% FID Fuel
F Formaldehyde in N2-0.0001-0.0999% Formaldehyde
Formaldehyde 0.0000001-0.0999%-Nitrogen 98.9-99%- SF6 0.0001-1% Formaldehyde
H Hexane in N2-0-0.48%
HCl/SF6 in N2-0.0001-0.9999%HCl, 0.0001-99.0000%SF6
HCN/SF6 in N2-0.0001-0.1%HCN, 0.0001-1%SF6
H2S in N2-0.0011-4%
I Isobutylene in Air-0.0001-1.34%
M Methane in Air-0.0001-4% Methane (CH4)
Methane in N2-14.31%-99.99% Methane (CH4)
Methane in N2-0.0001%-14.30% Methane (CH4)
Methane/Propane in Air-0.0001-1.00% each
N Nitrous Oxide (<300 ppm) and Formaldehyde (<1 ppm) in Nitrogen NO
NO2 in N2-0.00001-0.2874% Nitrogen
NO2 in Air-0.0001-0.28%NO2,0.0001-19.49% O2
N2O in N2-0.00001%-19.9999%
NOx in N2-0.05-25ppm
NOx in N2-0.0026-2.3%
O O2/CO2 in N2-0.0001-19.4900%O2,0.0001-2.9999%CO2 Oxygen
O2/CO2 in N2-0.0001-19.49%O2,0.5001-20% CO2
O2/CO2 in N2-19.50-23.50%O2,3.00-76.00%CO2
P Propane in Air <1.2% Propane (C3H8)
Propane in N2-1-1000ppm
Propane in N2-0.101-5%
Propane in N2-5.001%-49.9%
Propane in N2-6.01%-99.99%
Propane 100%
S SO2 in N2-0.0003-16%
SF6 in N2-1-1000ppm
Z Zero Air-19.5%-23.5% O2 Zero
Zero Hydrogen-99+%
Zero Helium-99+%
Zero Nitrogen-99+%