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New Partnership with VIM Technologies


CleanAir Engineering and VIM Technologies Combine Efforts to Provide Turnkey Ethylene Oxide Emissions Monitoring and Regulatory Reporting Solution.

A combination of next-generation ethylene oxide emissions monitoring technology with industry-leading compliance reporting solutions will enable clients to meet and exceed their compliance goals.

PALATINE, IL — May 4, 2023 — Clean Air Engineering, Inc. (CleanAir), a global provider of technical products and services for environmental sustainability and resource management, and VIM Technologies (VIM), the market leader in compliance reporting software, today announced that they will integrate VIM’s industry-leading data management and reporting solution into CleanAir’s next generation emissions monitoring systems to provide a turnkey approach to clients impacted by the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) for Ethylene Oxide (EtO) commercial sterilization and fumigation operations.

According to Rudi Munster, VIM’s Vice President of Environmental Products: “VIM is very excited to partner with CleanAir to provide state-of-the-art EtO monitoring and reporting for compliance with the NESHAP.  We are especially impressed with CleanAir’s attention to detail and institutional knowledge regarding this technology.  Our combined products and services bring a superior and reliable solution to meet the needs of the sterilization and fumigation industries.”

Dr. Volker Schmid, Vice President of Applied Technology at CleanAir, further stated that: “CleanAir has been providing accurate and reliable measurement and monitoring solutions for nearly 50 years, always focusing on generating defensible data and providing exceptional support services to our industrial customers. VIM shares the same philosophy. By combining our efforts we can now offer a turnkey emissions monitoring and comprehensive compliance support solution to clients that are affected by the proposed regulations.”

About VIM

VIM is the market leader in providing quality products and supplemental services for environmental compliance. Its flagship product, CEMLink 6, offers cutting-edge data acquisition and reporting solutions for the ever-changing industrial compliance requirements. Combined with VIM’s compliance optimization and monitor performance accuracy service (COMPAS), it provides a comprehensive solution to address the industry’s data review, quality assurance programs, and compliance reporting support needs. For more information on VIM’s portfolio of solutions, visit www.vimtechnologies.com/.

About CleanAir

CleanAir is an environmental service company that since its founding in 1972 has specialized in finding solutions to often complex measurement challenges. To address the need for reliable and sensitive continuous monitoring of ethylene oxide for regulatory compliance, and process optimization, as well as in indoor and ambient air monitoring applications, CleanAir developed the MET-44 fleet of EtO monitoring systems, including the MET-44 CEMS. The MET-44 integrates the Picarro G2910 ethylene oxide analyzer into an advanced monitoring solution that stands in the tradition of monitoring systems developed, commissioned, and supported by CleanAir for various applications over the past 15 years.

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