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2023 CTI Annual Conference and Expo


2023 Cooling Technology Institute Annual Conference and Expo


The CTI Annual Meeting will take place at the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, TN from January 29 – February 2, 2023.

Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Owner/Operator Session and Lunch

Join us for the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Owner/Operator Session and Lunch at the 2023 CTI Annual Conference in Memphis, TN. This is an opportunity for owner/operators to hear an informative presentation from recognized experts in the industry, talk with their peers, share lessons learned, and discover best practices developed through experience. All those with an Owner/Operator ribbon at the Conference are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The presentation this year will include an open discussion regarding best practices associated with cooling tower performance testing given by CleanAir’s Kenneth Hennon, PE., Sr. Vice President.

This is a great opportunity for owner/operators to cultivate relationships with each other and have a candid discussion about their ongoing operations, problems, and solutions. Come prepared to share thoughts and experiences on topics ranging from performance monitoring, certifying cooling towers, water quality, plume abatement, and/or vibration issues.

Owner/Operator Seminar Meeting Agenda:

  • CTI organization
    • Presented by Frank Foster
    • Committees and Involvement
  • Cooling Tower Thermal Testing
    • Presented by Ken Hennon
  • Open Discussion
    • Open Discussion – Difficulties, contractor complaints, Industry trends
    • Canned Discussion #1 – BIC Magazine Article
    • Canned Discussion #2 – Cooling Tower Efficiency Topic
  • Owner Operator Group – Path Forward
    • Meeting feedback
    • Value & Needs; planning for 2024 winter meeting
  • Introduction of members in attendance
  • Around the room introductions

We encourage you to sign up and enjoy the benefits of being an active participant in this session and stop by our booth at the conference!

For more information about the CTI Annual Meeting Conference, take a look at the Annual Conference 2023 Newsletter.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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