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CleanCloud - Environmental Data Collection Software | CleanAir

Environmental supervisors and engineers have more resources to effectively manage emission sources and ambient air quality than ever before. But how do you know which tools to use and how they work together?

We created CleanCloud so that you can manage your environmental data in a single location. CleanCloud leverages on-demand IT infrastructure (cloud computing) and modern predictive modeling techniques to provide our clients with goal focused real-time reporting and analysis. Data from CEMS analyzers, ambient monitoring networks, temporary instruments, stack tests, and more can be accessed from CleanCloud where you can assess what is important (and actionable!). Once your data are centralized, you can proactively address air quality issues.

Centralize all of your environmental measurements

What is CleanCloudTM?

CleanCloudTM is CleanAir’s custom-built, cloud-based data and knowledge infrastructure that our clients use to collect, process, and analyze data quickly and efficiently. By couplingCleanCloudTM with appropriate sensors and analyzers (almost anything with a digital or analog output), CleanAir delivers environmental data securely, in real-time, directly to your computer or phone.
All aspects of the measurement process are software controlled. Once the analyzers and sensors are set up, no human intervention is necessary to conduct testing and monitoring program. All required calibrations, bias checks, etc. are performed automatically under software control. If issues occur that require human oversight or intervention (e.g., failed calibration) automatic notifications are sent to relevant personnel. Our systems can be monitored and controlled remotely if needed. All data analysis is done through CleanCloudTM and for many applications, a summary report is rapidly generated periodically and at the end of the monitoring project.

Benefits of CleanCloudTM


Since the system runs unattended, testing can be conducted 24-hours per day. For example, the system can be set up to perform a RATA late in the afternoon and the RATA will be performed overnight. Also, once the system is set up, personnel are free to do other work – twice the output with the same number of people.


In addition to streaming real-time data, many of the CleanCloudTM modules generate summary reports immediately upon the conclusion of the testing/monitoring program. No more waiting for test reports to find out what happened.

Ease of Use:

All of the “testing smarts” are built-in to the software – calibration procedures, QA/QC evaluation, data reduction, air pollution modeling (with EnvirosuiteTM), reporting. You don’t need to be a testing expert to get expert data.

Expert Oversight:

Even though there may not be personnel at the monitoring location, CleanCloudTM projects are monitored remotely by CleanAir monitoring experts. They are able to see all data and system operating parameters. They can manually control the system if needed. They will be notified if any problems arise and are a text or phone call away to answer any questions or concerns.