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What's Next generation compliance?


Dr. Volker Schmid's article  on "Next Generation Compliance" was recently published in the WPCA Summer News Letter!

Link to the article to read the full paper discussing the 5 Core Principals 


VOC Adsorption and Recovery Publication in Environmental Science & Technology

Activated carbon fiber cloth (ACFC) is a novel adsorbent that can be used for volatile organic compound (VOC) control. One of the unique qualities that separates ACFC from the more conventional granular activated carbon (GAC) is that ACFC can be more readily regenerated using resistive heating (GAC beds have contact resistance between each grain and thus have limited electrical conductivity while AFCF is a tightly woven material resulting in good bulk electrical conductivity). Resistive heating provides the benefit that control of regeneration heating is independent of the regeneration carrier gas flow rate. This means that the carrier gas flow rate can be minimized such that the regeneration exhaust gas is highly concentrated with previously adsorbed material for cost effective disposal or reuse as feedstock (e.g., > 60% VOC). By contrast, GAC beds are typically regenerated by passing heated gas streams such as nitrogen or steam through the adsorbent bed, which dilutes the adsorbed material and may require additional treatment for reuse or disposal.   


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