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Join Us At The Air Quality Measurement Methods and Technology Conference

Air Quality Measurement Event 2022 A&WM Banner

One of Air & Waste Management Association’s most popular specialty conferences, the Air Quality Measurement Methods and Technology Conference returns in person in 2022 with its extensive coverage of all aspects of air measurement methodologies, including associated quality assurance protocols and how to use and interpret data. Sessions will also focus on the assessment of key substances of concern for humans and the environment, including criteria pollutants and greenhouse gases, air toxics, and emerging pollutants such as PFAS and ethylene oxide.

Join our technical presentation “CRDS Validation and OTM Development Specific to Ethylene Oxide” Wednesday, March 9th from 4:10 pm – 4:35 pm. The presentation will cover the results of efforts currently underway to validate the use of CRDS as a test method through the development of an EPA Other Test Method (OTM). To complete the validation, results from EPA Method 301’s quadruplicate system analyte spiking procedure are analyzed and presented.

For more information about the schedule, please refer to the event program.

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