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New Technical Paper on the ATC-105 Test Code for Cooling Towers


CleanAir’s David Wheeler, P.E., and Ken Hennon, P.E. have written a technical paper reviewing the latest version of the ATC-105 TEST CODE FOR COOLING TOWERS. ATC-105 is the industry standard for conducting thermal performance evaluations of cooling towers. In 2019, the Cooling Technology Institute issued the latest revision of this standard.  Both authors were members of the committee which revised the document.  The peer-reviewed paper was delivered at the 2021 CTI Annual Conference and published in the 2022 CTI Journal. This paper provides an overview of changes to the test code since the previous revision and discusses commercial considerations in bid specifications. The paper also outlines preparations for testing, specific test requirements, and test execution.

A special thank you to Cooling Technology Institute for allowing us to share this paper with our customers.

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