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Environmental workers have more resources to manage air quality than ever before. But how do you know which tools to use and how they work together?

We created CleanCloud™ so you can manage your environmental data in a single location. CleanCloud™ leverages on-demand IT infrastructure (cloud computing) and modern predictive modeling techniques. This provides our clients with goal-focused real-time reporting and analysis. Data from CEMS analyzers, ambient monitoring networks, temporary instruments, stack tests, and more can be accessed from CleanCloud™ where you can assess what is important (and actionable!). Once your data becomes centralized, you can address air quality issues.

What is CleanCloud?

CleanCloud™ is our custom-built, cloud-based data and knowledge system. It allows clients to collect, process, and analyze data in a quick and efficient manner. CleanAir delivers environmental data securely, in real-time, straight to your computer or phone. Be sure to pair CleanCloud with the right equipment. (This is pretty much anything with a digital or analog output.)

The measurement process is software controlled. Because of this, no human intervention is necessary for testing and monitoring. All required calibrations bias checks, etc. by the software are automatic. But, we do understand that there could be issues in need of human intervention. This is why we set up automatic notifications that get sent to the correct person. Our experts can view and control all systems from afar if needed. All data analysis goes through CleanCloud™. It then generates a summary report after completing the monitoring project.

Benefits of CleanCloud


Since the system runs unattended, testing is available 24-hours per day. Also, once the system is set up, personnel can be free to do other work – twice the output with the same number of people.


Many of the CleanCloud™ modules generate summary reports immediately after testing. It also comes with real-time-monitoring. This means no more waiting for test reports to find out what happened!

Ease of Use:

All the “testing smarts” come built-in to the software. This includes calibration procedures, QA/QC evaluation, and data reduction. It also creates air pollution modeling (with Envirosuite™) and reporting. Therefore, you don’t need to be a testing expert to get expert data.

Expert Oversight:

CleanAir’s experts are always following CleanCloud™ projects. This means they can see all data and system operating parameters. They can even control the system if need be. In addition, they receive alerts if any problems arise. Luckily, your experts are only a text or phone call away for any questions or concerns.

Give us a call today to express your interest in CleanCloud!