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Environmental Impact Assessment with Aeroqual

Environmental Impact Assessment with Aeroqual

Demanding Change

When it comes to the environment, everyone is a stakeholder. Environmental impact assessments using Aeroqual monitoring equipment can be a cost-effective means to collect the data your community, neighborhood, or agency needs in order to make decisions regarding environmental impact and public health.

Technology is both driving and being driven by social change, which is the result of greater public awareness and concern for environmental issues like global warming, climate change and pollution.1 In turn, an agitated public puts pressure on regulatory authorities and corporations to implement changes to processes and policies related to conservation and pollution. This pressure results in higher demand for equipment and the services of environmental consultants.


Communities and Consultants Meet Emerging Challenges

Aeroqual is committed to making ambient air management systems available to an ever-diversifying client base.

These groups, including neighborhood associations, public interest organizations, and environmental consultants, are of one mind in their goal to keep neighbors safe by testing ambient air composition for unhealthy aerosol levels. CleanAir can design an Aeroqual-based monitoring solution to help you meet the monitoring challenges that you face today, including:

  • Providing community assurance around Brownfield, landfill and remediation sites
  • Mitigating construction site noise and dust emissions in real time
  • Gathering roadside study data, including NO2 measurements
  • Validating air quality and climate change models
  • Providing guidance on Greenfield developments
  • Ensuring workplace safety
  • Conducting IAQ and WELL building assessments


Find Your Aeroqual System

Whatever your goals for environmental impact assessment, CleanAir can equip your team with the tools necessary to meet and even exceed them. Aeroqual handhelds such as the Series 500  can be used for Cal/OSHA compliance, indoor air quality, construction/demolition sites, neighborhoods, and any place where portability and affordability are key. An S-500 is a great starting point for understanding ambient air pollutants and is an easy-to-use spot-check tool for consulting professionals.

Monitoring stations such as the AQS1 and AQM-65 offer a wider range of testing parameters and customizability, simultaneously monitoring multiple aerosols in real time. If your project demands BTEX monitoring, Aeroqual’s AQM-65 can handle that, too. And as Aeroqual’s exclusive BTEX system supplier for North America, CleanAir can help you meet your most rigorous monitoring requirements.

AQM65 AQS1 Dust Sentry



1 See: https://www.aeroqual.com/disrupting-the-consultancy-model

*As of publication, August 2021