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Individual Ball Joint Glassware and Clamps

Individual Ball Joint Glassware and Clamps


Impinger Assembly

28/12 Ball Joint O-Ring


Part Number Item
05750 Impinger Assembly with Modified Insert
05750I Modified Impinger Insert Only
0575B Impinger Bottle Only
05755 Impinger Assembly with Standard Insert (Greenburg Smith)
05755I Standard Impinger Insert Only Greenburg Smith
05750IF Impinger Insert Coarse Frit (12 X 25) O-Ring Ball Joint
0504 Cyclone Bypass
0504-C Cyclone
0504-F 125 ml Flask with 28/12 socket joint
0504-FB 125 ml Flask with 24/40 socket joint
0505 180 Deg. Tube Connector
0506 90 Deg. Tube Connector
0506-L Double “L” Connector
0506-LT Double “L” Connector 28/12 Ball joint with Thermocouple Port
Measures the filter outlet temperature of the gas stream for EPA Compliance
0507 Screw Clamp
0508 Socket to Hose Barb Connector

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