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MET-Nomad™ Advanced, Versatile Sorbent Trap System


The same high accuracy flow technology and automation software used in the proven MET-80 monitoring systems is now available in the compact and portable MET-Nomad™. This fully automated system makes Mercury RATA, LEE, and diagnostic testing easy.

The MET™ Line of Products For ALL of your Mercury testing and monitoring needs

MET-Nomad™ Benefits:

  • Rugged and compact

    • 22”x22.4”x11.3” – small footprint for tight test locations

    • Designed and built for frequent use in harsh environments

  • Easy to use

    • Intuitive METRIC software

    • Fully automated sampling, calibrations, and leak checking

  • Versatile

    • Can be used for any sorbent trap test  – not limited to mercury testing

    • MODBUS or analog signal interface

    • Wide flow range – 50-5,000 dscc/min

    • High accuracy at low flow is great for Hg speciated traps

  • Reliable

    • Built with the same attention to quality as all of our MET products

    • Designed with stack testers in mind; field tested to ensure reliability

    • Data and calibration files are backed up onto a flash drive

MET-Nomad Highlights

  • Hands-off – completely automated

  • 50-5,000 dscc/min flow range

  • Two sample flow paths in one unit

  • Automated calibrations and leak checks

  • DAT and CAL files make reporting simple

  • Controller backs up files onto flash drive

  • Mini UPS keeps controller on during power loss

  • Water sensor prevents water intrusion

  • MET-80 probe makes trap exchanges quick and easy

  • Proven trap shield protects traps from droplets and particulates

  • Our calibration kit makes calibrations a breeze

  • Use scanner to enter trap IDs quickly

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