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Mobile FTIR (CEMS) System Spec Sheet

Mobile FTIR (CEMS) System Spec Sheet

5 Simple Steps for Remote FTIR Monitoring
From Anywhere in the World

From on-site setup and installation to remote operation and monitoring, CleanAir’s Mobile FTIR (CEMS) system can be deployed virtually anywhere in the world. Our integrated remote FTIR monitoring system includes:

  • Setup of temperature-controlled (HVAC) shelter
  • Installation of FTIR multi-gas analyzer
  • ESC data logger
  • Sample delivery system
  • Modbus for data transfer

Our custom software integration allows us to stream gas emissions data (by FTIR- based analysis) via Modbus over Ethernet from a rack mount computer to the data acquisition system. This customization eliminates the need for a full-time operational technician and allows for remote monitoring.

A remote cellular connection allows the desktop of our system to be viewed from any Internet connection. This setup also permits us to reliably control all of the sampling valves as well as the calibration/CTS gases and collect new backgrounds as necessary. By performing a daily check from a remote computer, monitoring projects can and have run 30+ days without onsite attendance. 

Another key feature of our system is the ability to stream emission data to your distributed control system (DCS) over Modbus. This allows plant operations to incorporate the real time data from the mobile FTIR into their own process monitoring system. Trending analysis can be performed and process modifications made to insure optimal plant performance. 

 Rental and Application Notes 

• Can be used to measure HCI, Ammonia, Formaldehyde, NOx, SO2, CO, H2O, Methane, and many others 

• Boilers, Cement Kilns, Gas Turbines, Compressors, Engines, Flares, and others 

• Short-term and long-term rentals available 

• Onsite setup, technical support, and training available