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VIG 200-E Brochure

VIG 200-E Brochure

VIG 200-E, 20-E Hydrocarbon Analyzers

Analyzer Overview

VIG Industries microprocessor based analyzers, Models VIG 20-E and VIG 200-E, measure the total hydrocarbons (HCT), or methane (CH4) and non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC) using one or two independent flame ionization detectors (FIDs) (Ethane optional). The measurement of non-methane hydrocarbons is taken in real time using a (GC) column for separation of the CH4 and NMHC.

The sample is kept at a controlled temperature (190°C) throughout the circuit, in order to prevent condensation and ensure measurement performance. The analyzers are 19” rack mountable for fixed Emission Monitoring Control (EMC) installations. The rugged modular design and reliable electronics also make the analyzers ideal for temporary field/stack testing applications.

Exclusive Features

  • Methane cutoff of over 99% regardless of the concentration and throughout its use.
  • Automatic burner ignition (also possible manually) and emergency glow plug activated by the operator.
  • Filtration on two levels for better protection, with easy filter replacement.
  • Easy maintenance and low cost replacement parts
  • Specific ethane measurement
  • Meets ISO 17025 calibration requirements and current standards.


  • 45 minute warm-up time
  • Large LCD screen and easy to use menu
  • FID fed by synthetic air (in compliance with the new recommendations)
  • Alarm level relay and control
  • Flame-out safety: Screen indication and fuel shutoff and switch for external alarm optional
  • Easy maintenance and low cost replacement parts