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Automated EPA reference method sampling for stack testing, temporary CEMS, and more.

Automate Your CEMS Testing

  • EPA Reference method requirements are pre-programmed into Auto-CEMS software, so continuous gas analysis doesn’t require onsite personnel
  • CleanAir receives an alert when any QA check is problematic, so we can help speed up troubleshooting
  • Collect data efficiently for a variety of environmental and process applications
  • Get data in realtime right from your internet browser. Learn more about CleanCloud.
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Fewer Delays

Automated equipment lets you test on your schedule.
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Virtual Engineers

Reduce travel expenses and onsite contractors.
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Faster Test Reports

Get live test results sent to your smart device.

How it Works

  • Auto-CEMS conducts automated EPA reference method sampling of gaseous pollutants. 
  • Each unit comes pre-packaged with all hardware and software – including analyzers.
  • Local technicians set up the hardware onsite and leave when they are done. Data can be monitored from remote locations with CleanCloud.
  • Reports are generated immediately after testing by ReGE – our report generation software
  • Watch this video for an in-depth walkthrough

What comes with an Auto-CEMS?

The AutoCEMS hardware components are pre-plumbed and pre-assembled. It can be packaged in a cabinet or permanently mounted in a CEMS trailer.

Each unit contains:

  • Analyzers to measure NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, and O2
  • Computer-controlled flow panels to direct calibration and sample gas flow
  • Gas conditioning system for moisture removal
  • CleanCloud Data Acquisition and Handling System (DAHS)
  • All necessary communication systems for CleanCloud access
  • All calibration gases required for testing
  • Sampling probe (single- or multi-point)
  • Heated sample lines
  • A waterproof, climate controlled enclosure
Auto-CEMS From Outside