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PSG AGT Condensate Guard

PSG AGT Condensate Guard


AGT Condensate Guard

The condensate guard protects downstream analyzers against humidity. It monitors up to two gaspaths and reliably signals a condensate breakthrough in case of failure of cooling devices or failure of condensate drains, thus avoiding costly downtime and high repair costs. In case of an alarm, sample gas pumps can be switched off and shut-off valves can be activated. It is a complete unit, ready for operation, mounted in a compact and robust IP66-box. It is equipped with moisture sensor(s) and electronic control(s) as well as with mains and alarm contact cables. The condensate guard is operating independently from other components of your conditioning system. It ensures a quick and easy integration into any application
Part Number
07102ECGSA – AGT Condensate Guard Assembly
  • Protection against condensate break-through
  • Detection of smallest amounts of liquid
  • Monitoring of 1-2 gas paths
  • Dimensions: 202mm X 152mm X 90mm
  • Pressure Maximum: 2.5 bar
  • Media Temperature Maximum: 100 C
  • Voltage 24V DC, 115V AC, 230V AC
  • Easy installation and integration
  • AGT Condensate Guard Pdf

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