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CleanAir ESS SNB Electrostatic Spraying System

CleanAir ESS SNB Electrostatic Spraying System

Original price was: $4,200.00.Current price is: $2,999.99.

The CleanAir ESS SNB is an ultra-quiet electrostatic spraying unit, featuring an ultra-quiet compressor and SNB spray wand with 50-foot hose.

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ESS SNB with ultra-quiet compressor and wand holder

When they do become available, only hospitals and first-responders will get first access to them.  We added the compressor, 50’ of hose and spray wand holder so the system is ready to go and has a 1 year warranty.   This model comes with 1 MaxCharge™ Electrostatic Spray Gun, which produces electrically charged droplets that provide better, more efficient coverage in a variety of environments. The MaxChage™ nozzle is easy to clean and corrosion-proof, assuring long life and reliable performance.  This sprayer is ideal for hospitals, hotels, public transport, schools, hazmat locations, and fire department applications.  Two one-liter Nalgene bottles are included.  Bottles can be attached on a hip belt, or hand-held, for 15 minutes of spraying time each.  Compatible with any water-based chemicals or fungicides.  This is a brand new unit that includes a wand holder, 50’ of hose and compressor.  Just fill up the bottle with your disinfectant, plug in and start spraying.  ESS sprayers also send 2/3 less chemicals to the ground and into the air. With less waste and less drift than conventional spraying equipment, you can enjoy significant chemical and labor cost savings.  This unit uses an Eagle Silent Series compressor that is rated at 49dB from 25 feet away and produces 5CFM at 90 PSI ; 6.1 CFM at 40 PSI.

  • Nozzles – 1 MaxCharge™ electrostatic SNB spraywand
  • External Air Supply Included – Rated 49dB from 25’ away – 115V AC
  • Standard Hose Length – 50 feet air hose
  • Bottles – 2 -One Liter Nalgene Bottles with fittings Included
  • Weight Full – 97lbs with hose and spray wand
  • Liquid Flow Rate – 1 Gallon per hour
  • Drop Size – 40 Microns
  • Spray Range – 8 feet
  • Flow Rate – About 1 gal/hour (3.8L/hour)

This electrostatic disinfectant spray wand is made by ESS.  Condition of the entire unit is new.  These sprayers are top of the line and they are built to last.

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ESS SNB with ultra-quiet compressor and wand holder

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