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MKS Precisive 5 282

MKS Precisive 5 282

The MKS Precisive 5-282 is a natural gas calorific value/Wobbe Index monitor capable of on-line quality analysis of natural gas products. It provides fast and accurate measurement of Calorific Value, Wobbe Index, Specific Gravity, and Gas Density along with compositional information, including CO2, in a single, compact analyzer. The analyzer is based on MKS’ unique Tunable Filter Spectroscopy (TFS™) platform which directly measures the component concentrations in the gas. Applications include fuel quality analysis for gas turbines and internal combustion engines, pipeline gas fiscal metering and natural gas quality measurement at LNG terminals.

Precisive® 5 series products by MKS are calibrated for the measurement of a wide range of gases across multiple process industries. The real-time, continuous measurement capability provides immediate analysis ensuring control of critical process parameters.

  • Real-time, continuous measurement
  • No carrier gas or fuel gas requirements
  • Robust calibration
  • Flow-through sensor design
  • Compact, outdoor rated, low power
  • Hazardous Area Certified




Measurement Ranges

    • CH4: 50-100%
    • C2H6: 0-20%
    • C3H8: 0-10%
    • C4+: 0-10%
    • CO2: 0-20%
    • Balance
    • High Heating Value (HHV)
    • Low Heating Value (LHV)
    • Specific Gravity
    • Wobbe Index (WI) (per ISO 6976: 2016)
    • Methane Number


Gas Channels: <0.05 mol%

HHV, LHV & WI: <0.2% of Reading or <0.1 MJ/m3 (greater of)

Specific Gravity: <0.05% of Reading


Gas Channels: ±0.2 mol% or ±0.5% of Full Scale (greater of)

HHV, LHV & WI: ±0.5% of Reading or ±0.2 MJ/m3 (greater of)

Specific Gravity: ±0.5% of Reading

Spec Sheet/Brochure

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