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PSG Heated Gas Sampling Probe

PSG Heated Gas Sampling Probe



PSG Heated Gas Sampling Probe

This heated gas sampling probe is used for continuous extraction gas analysis. Engineered for trouble-free sampling of hot, dusty or water vapor laden gases. Our PSG probe is commonly used for process measurements in the cement industry.Technology
The heavy-duty design with optimal gas guidance permits the filtration of sample gas at the outer filtration surface of 212cm2 (which is the largest on the market) and features a tool-less quick-change filter and a quick disconnect for the heated sample line. The PSG Plus DSBP incorporates a  sophisticated corkscrew mechanism which allows for a easy housing lid removal. The high performance ring heater in combination with a heavy-wall glass fibre insulation jacket ensures uniform heating to 356°F. The dual stage back purge with 12x1mm tubing is controlled by optional solenoid valves with 10mm passage.
Part Number
PSG Heated Gas Sampling Probe 120VAC
PSG Heated Gas Sampling Probe 240 VAC

PSG Heated Gas Sampling Probe Benefits:

  • Largest active filter surface on the market
  • Dual stage back purging with 10mm passage
  • Corrosion resistant made of stainless steel SS316Ti
  • Controlled heating to 356°F
  • Uniform even heating – No cold spots!
  • Tool-less easy-to-change filters
  • Protective housing for outdoor installation
  • Temperature alarm contact
  • 8-hole flange for variable mounting

The PSG Heated Gas Probe Includes:

  • Filter Probe Assembly
  • Thermal-insulated enclosure with temperature controller
  • Power Requirement: 120VAC or 240VAC
  • Weight: 30 lb

PSG Heated Gas Sampling Probe Function:

With the largest filtration surface on the market and consistent heating, dust is separated reliably in the PSG Plus DSBP without condensation of water vapour and therefore without blocking of the filter. For elevated dust concentrations of up to 280g/m3 the PSG Plus DSBP is equipped with a double stage back purge with a 10mm passage. The filter and filter chamber can be purged thoroughly and dust is purged back almost completely into the process. The ceramic coated filter membrane with 0,3μm porosity provides considerable backpurge effectiveness.

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