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Testo 340 Standard Kit O2, CO

Testo 340 Standard Kit O2, CO



Testo 340 Portable Flue Gas Analyzer

The Testo Model 340 is optimize for speed, power and precision in combustion analysis. Keystone features of the Testo 340 include interchangeable, pre-calibrated sensors with temperature control; 4-gas flexibility in a rugged, compact handheld design; Multi sensor capability, equipped to handle extreme concentrations; Automatic CO-dilution sensor protections keep your analyzerer; Designed for simple, fast operation and constructed for daily rugged use. The cells of the Testo 340 can be easily replaced or exchanged for greater testing flexibility.


***Testo 340 cannot be used for compliance reporting***

Below you will find instructional videos in the video tab detailing various topics on proper maintenance, operation, and testing of your Testo 340. If you would like on-site training please feel free to contact us and ask for a quote.

Part Number
Kit Includes:
Testo 340 Standard Kit O2, CO Overstock- Clearing Inventory.  Testo 340 was Display only never Demo
  • Testo 340 with O2 Sensor
  • CO Sensor
  • Transport Case
  • Power Supply/Recharger (North American Cord)
  • Particulate Filters- Pack of 10
  • 12″ Probe, 5/16″ O.D., 7′ PTFE® Hose Assembly (T max= 932°F)

Testo 340 Specifications:

  • Up to 4 Gas Sensors (O2 plus 3 More)
  • Calculation of: CO2, efficiency, excess air, mass emissions (w/ pitot tube)
  • Automatic- Flow controlled Sampling Pump
  • Integrated Pressure Sensor
  • 18 Fuels to choose from
  • Infrared Printing
  • Power Requirement: 110-230V, 90-260V or rechargeable battery
  • Approximate Weight: 1.30 lbs.
  • Testo 340 Replacement Sensors
  • Free Domestic Shipping on all Testo 340 Kits
Testo 340 Probes
Replaceable Sensors/Filters
Probes for Every Application
Onboard Diagnostics
High concentrations can reduce the normal life span of sensors. Testo’s solution is field-replaceable sensors.
The probe and hose assemblies are made from the highest quality materials. The standard hoses (PTFE ® lines) are heat-resistant.
Simply push the “i” button and scroll to the diagnostics screen to see instrument status.

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