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Aeroqual AS R42 Calibration Accessory

Aeroqual AS R42 Calibration Accessory



Aeroqual Calibration Accessory

Series 500 Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The Calibration Accessory is a simple and effective tool for calibrating sensor heads for handheld and fixed monitors. By delivering a consistent flow of calibration gas to the sensor head, without forcing air at the sensor, it ensures the most accurate calibration possible. It can also be used to humidify the gas which is important for best results with GSS sensors.

The Series 500 enables accurate real-time surveying of common indoor air pollutants, all in an ultra portable handheld indoor air quality monitor.  Data is stored on board the Series 500 with a maximum 8,188 records available. To download the data a USB cable is supplied for connection to PC. Free PC software provided with the Series 500 takes the data and presents it in a chart or table view. Data can be downloaded and viewed in Excel.

Part Number
ASR42 Calibration accessory for handheld monitors

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