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CleanAir Heated In-Line Filter

CleanAir Heated In-Line Filter



FTIR / CEM Heated In-Line Filter


Clean Air Engineering’s CEM Heated In-Line Filter is for use in emissions testing and chemical analysis. Maintaining a steady temperature around 250°F is important to ensure that moisture, acid gas, and other constituents of the gas stream do not condense before entering the analyzing equipment. This can result in the damage of equipment as well as the loss of important data. The Heated In-line Filter and Pump Assembly helps to ensure the accuracy of gas samples by providing a heated route for the gas before analysis. The filter, stainless steel needle valve and pump are insulated and heated.  This unit includes a dual heater controller. All components are modular and therefore easy to service. This unit is also small and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around.  For use in: process monitoring, stack testing, CEM, gas and diesel sampling.

Part Number
 Heated Filter Housing 1″ x 7″ Type K Max 200C
1233FR Filter Glass/PTFE 1 Micron 1″ x 7″ 500F Max

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