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CleanAir MET-80 Gas Conditioning Module

CleanAir MET-80 Gas Conditioning Module



The CleanAir MET-80 Gas Conditioning Module and sample gas cooler is designed to lower gas sample dew points and separate water vapor from humid sample streams in gas analysis systems with moisture-intolerant equipment.

To achieve a stable dew point at varying inlet conditions, an improved proportional temperature controller and a high performance heat exchanger have been designed. The cooling system features a continuously-running non-CFC compressor motor filled with environmentally friendly R134a. The heat exchanger is built into an aluminum cylinder which absorbs peak loads and utilizes maximum heat transfer rate and guarantees leak-free operation. A built-in condensate discharge pump removes the condensate continuously.


  • Proven and reliable technology
  • Built-In condensate discharge pump
  • Stable dew point + 3°C
  • Digital temperature display
  • High performance heat exchanger
  • Proportional temperature control
  • Compact and robust

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