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CleanAir Air Velocity Kit

CleanAir Air Velocity Kit



CleanAir’s Air Velocity Kit is designed to be used for Method 2 testing. The small lightweight design allows the user to easily setup for use. The included manometer and pitot setup is included in the kit for your source sampling.

Part Number Item
0051-5 0-5″ Air Velocity Kit (8′ pitot)
0051-5L 0-5″ Air Velocity Kit (18″ pitot)
0051-10 0-10″ Air Velocity Kit (18″ pitot)
0051-10S 0051-10 with “S” type pitot


  • Inclined-vertical manometer
  • Two (2) 9′ lengths of rubber tubing
  • Air velocity calculator slide rule
  • Magnetic mounting clips
  • Additional gauge oil
  • Steel carrying case

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