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Met One BAM 1020

Met One BAM 1020


The Met One BAM 1020 automatically measures and records airborne particulate concentration levels (in milligrams or micrograms per cubic meter) using beta ray attenuation. The 1020 Beta Attenuator Mass monitor is designed for U.S. EPA Federal Equivalent Method (FEM) continuous PM2.5 or PM10 monitoring (and meets European equivalent standards). Integrated data logger allows connection of up to two multi-parameter meteorological sensors, with data transfer via Ethernet, USB, RS-232 serial port using Met One’s Air Plus or, with modem option, using Comet Cloud software.

The Met One BAM-1020 is a continuous particulate monitor with US EPA Federal Equivalent Method designation for PM10, PM2.5 and PM10-2.5.  Designed for long term, low cost, unattended remote operation.  No filters or gravimetric analysis are necessary for the BAM 1020. On-Board data storage with transfer via Ethernet, USB, RS-232, or, with optional wireless modem, using COMET Cloud.

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Met One Instruments BAM 1020 Rental

Shipping Information (Ships in 2 Boxes)

  • BAM Monitor Box
    • 24″x24″x20″
    • Shipping Weight: 54 lb.
    • Dimensional Weight: 83 lb.
  • Accessories Box
    • 29″x24″x16″
    • Shipping Weight: 41 lb.
    • Dimensional Weight: 81 lb.
ACOEM Met One BAM 1020 Rental Package Included Accessories and Item List