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CleanAir MET-Test+

CleanAir MET-Test+



MET-Test+™ Simple, Rugged, Reliable

The MET-Test+™ extends CleanAir’s proven MET line of products to short-term Mercury RATA and diagnostic testing. The MET-Test+™ can also be used as a constant mode sampler for EPA Method 26 (HCL), EPA Methods 0030 and 0031 (VOST, SMVOC), and NCASI 105.1 (formaldehyde, methanol). MET-Test+ Product Sheet – 2.9 MB.


The MET™ Line of Products For ALL of your Mercury testing and monitoring needs


MET-Test+™ Benefits:

  • Compact and Lightweight

    • 22”x22.4”x11.3” – small footprint for tight test locations

    • Less than 50 lbs – makes carrying to the test site easy
  • Simple

    • Modular design – easy to swap out parts

    • Digital flow controllers – set flow rate and move on to the next task

    • Quick and simple leak checking

    • Quick and easy trap exchanges with our patented MET-80™ probe

  • Rugged

    • Heavy-duty Pelican™ case protects equipment during transit

    • Designed and built for frequent use in harsh environments
  • Reliable and Versatile

    • Built with the same attention to quality as all of our MET products

    • Designed with stack testers in mind; field tested to ensure reliability

    • Can also be used to test for benzene, formaldehyde, methanol, HCL
    • Can be used for any sorbent trap test – not limited to mercury testing

MET-Test+™ Highlights

  • Hands-off – completely automated

  • All digital – easy to read
  • All controls and interfaces on the front panel
  • Mass flow controllers regulate and totalize flow
  • DAT and CAL files make reporting simple

  • 400-2,000 dscc/min flow range (other flow ranges available)
  • Simple leak checks – no risk of back flooding
  • Two sample flow paths in one unit
  • MET-80 probe makes trap exchanges quick and easy

  • Proven trap shield protects traps from droplets and particulates

  • Our calibration kit makes calibrations a breeze

Call to learn how CleanAir can serve your mercury testing and compliance needs.

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