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CleanAir MET-X Automated Sampler

CleanAir MET-X Automated Sampler



MET-X™ An Ultra-Portable Automated Sampler

MET-X Portable Automated Sampler

The MET-X is designed as a portable automated sampler for engineering or RATA testing applications.  The latest addition to the MET line of products.  The MET-X is an ultra-portable sampler based on the same technology than the original MET-80 Monitoring System. Call to learn how CleanAir can serve your mercury testing and compliance needs.

Part Number
MET-X Portable Automated Sampler

MET-X™ Highlights:

  • Compact and Rugged Carrying Case
    • Small carrying case for mobile applications
    • Dimensions: 20″ x 14″ x 7″
    • Weight: 30 Lbs.
  • MET-X Software and Hardware Integration
    • Powerful software based on MET-80 METRIC Platform
    • Bar Code Scanner for Trap ID Input
    • Water Breakthrough Sensing
    • Automated Calibrations
    • Multiple Custom Sampling Run Profiles
    • Easy Setup & Run Configuration
    • Flash Drive Data Backup
    • Wide flow range: 50- 5,000 dscc/min
  • MET-X Compatibility
    • Compatible with all MET Probes
    • Same Software as the original MET-80

The MET™ Line of Products For ALL of your Mercury testing and monitoring needs

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CleanAir Engineering provides world-class service, support, and technical expertise alongside every instrument rental. All air monitoring equipment is inspected or calibrated before shipping from one of our four technical centers. Each rental includes additional accessories and components, providing added convenience and reliability to ensure the success of your project. Contact us for more information.