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MET-X Automated Sampler

MET-X Automated Sampler



MET-X™ An Ultra-Portable Automated Sampler

MET-X Portable Automated Sampler

The MET-X is designed as a portable automated sampler for engineering or RATA testing applications.  The latest addition to the MET line of products.  The MET-X is an ultra-portable sampler based on the same technology than the original MET-80 Monitoring System. Call to learn how CleanAir can serve your mercury testing and compliance needs.

Part Number
MET-X Portable Automated Sampler

MET-X™ Highlights:

  • Compact and Rugged Carrying Case

    • Small carrying case for mobile applications
    • Dimensions: 20″ x 14″ x 7″
    • Weight: 30 Lbs.
  • MET-X Software and Hardware Integration

    • Powerful software based on MET-80 METRIC Platform
    • Bar Code Scanner for Trap ID Input
    • Water Breakthrough Sensing
    • Automated Calibrations
    • Multiple Custom Sampling Run Profiles
    • Easy Setup & Run Configuration
    • Flash Drive Data Backup
    • Wide flow range: 50- 5,000 dscc/min
  • MET-X Compatibility
    • Compatible with all MET Probes
    • Same Software as the original MET-80

The MET™ Line of Products For ALL of your Mercury testing and monitoring needs

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